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Gosh I got blindsided! And it DISCOMBOBULATED me!

Friendship is a beautiful bond that I cherish, but sometimes I encounter individuals who display a lack of concern for this valuable connection. In this blog, I explore the experience of being blindsided by such a person I called friend and the impact it can have on our lives.

Imagine this scenario - you have invested time, trust, and emotional energy in a friendship, only to discover that the other person is unconcerned about maintaining a genuine connection. It can be incredibly disheartening and leave you feeling betrayed and hurt. One aspect of being blindsided by someone who is unconcerned with friendship is the realization that their actions or words may not align with the values and expectations you had for the relationship. This can lead to a sense of confusion and questioning, as you try to understand why the friendship took such an unexpected turn. Being blindsided by a person who lacks concern for friendship can leave you feeling vulnerable and questioning your own judgment. You may wonder if there were any warning signs that you missed or if you could have done something differently to prevent the situation (Gosh, at this point in life you and I would think I would know huh? I did, but allowed my sense of friendship get best of my own wisdom).

It's important to remember that the actions of others are not a reflection of your worth or value as a friend. Sometimes people change, priorities shift, or their true colors are revealed over time. While it may be painful, it is crucial to recognize that you deserve genuine and caring friendships. So, how can we navigate such situations?

*Firstly, it's important to acknowledge your feelings and give yourself time to heal.

Surround yourself with supportive friends and loved ones who value and appreciate you. *Sharing your experience and seeking their perspective can provide valuable insights and comfort. Additionally, reflecting on the lessons learned from this experience can help you grow and make better choices in future friendships.

*It's essential to set boundaries and recognize red flags early on, allowing you to protect yourself from similar situations in the future.

And Remember, being blindsided by someone who is unconcerned with friendship is not a reflection of your worth. It is an opportunity for growth and self-discovery. Embrace the lessons learned and move forward with the knowledge that true friendships are built on mutual respect, care, and genuine concern for one another.

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